SPF Spray Foam Roofing

close-up of foam roofing

An Instant Roof Upgrade

Spray foam roofing is a fantastic instant upgrade for any aging roof. Instead of paying more money to replace the roof, SPF covers the old roof with a fresh protective coat to make it look new and improve performance. In addition, spray foam roofing is very reflective, so it will help lower your utility costs by preventing heat from the sun from getting inside your building. Another advantage of SPF is that it’s fast and easy to apply. The spray goes on quickly and stays there for years, giving you a roof that looks fantastic and is ready for rain, wind, and whatever else comes its way. Roof Central is a commercial roofing contractor based in Matthews, NC. We’re the local roofing specialists who can deliver quality SPF services at a great price. Call us to get a free estimate on spray foam roofing or any other commercial service.

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Custom Spray Foam Roofing Solutions

We have a variety of spray foam roofing options to help you choose the best coating for your roof. With spray foam, you get fewer seams and a uniform color that makes your roof look like new. It’s a great way to transform an aging roof, especially if it’s still in good working condition but looking a little worn down.

Call us for a quote on foam services, and we’ll send a team to inspect your property and your roof. Once we get the go-ahead, we’ll begin with the foam coating application. We use the latest tools to make things go quickly, leaving you with a protective layer on your roof that safeguards your investment and better ensures long-term performance.

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