Cool Roof Installation

view from above of a white reflective commercial roof

Complete Installation & Repair Services

Cool roofs offer commercial property owners significant savings by increasing roof performance and lowering utility costs. Most businesses in the Matthews, NC area have flat roofs because they’re easy to maintain and typically house vital infrastructure like air conditioning. However, long-term sun exposure is one of the main challenges to flat roof stability. In certain areas, hours of hot direct sunlight make it harder to maintain indoor temperatures. It also leads to faster wear and tear on the roof. At Roof Central , we install and repair cool roofs to help companies here save money. We’re your trusted roofing partner, ready to outfit your building with the latest solutions and best materials.

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The Benefits of Cool Roofing

How much do you spend on heating and cooling annually? HVAC is usually expensive for most businesses in Matthews, NC. However, Roof Central has ways to help you save money and add years to your roof’s lifespan. Cool roofs are made of special materials that reflect much of the sun’s heat by deflecting UV rays away from the building. Not only will it lower utility costs, but it can meaningfully extend how many years your roof lasts, which is great for businesses who want to avoid costly roof replacements.

Keep your people and products cool inside with professional cool roof coatings. Modern cool roofs are resistant to storm damage and lower the chances of leaks. We also offer repair services to keep your property in great shape all year. In addition, our teams work 24/7 to respond to customer emergencies.

Reach Out for Quality Service

We have years of experience and certified roofers ready to make great things happen for your building. We’re local, which means we can get to you faster and get your roof the way you want it. Find out more about cool roofs, and let us design a custom plan specific to your property.

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