Commercial Roof Inspections

roofer conducting a commercial roof inspection

Find Out What’s Going on with Your Roof

A commercial inspection is an excellent way to prevent costly repairs and performance issues. Based in Matthews, NC, Roof Central offers professional commercial inspections for local property owners. We partner with you to avoid roofing emergencies and get ahead of maintenance before problems become expensive. A team of certified roofing technicians will go over every corner of your roof to look for structural issues or inspect your property after possible storm damage. Inspections are a recommended proactive approach to facility management. They paint a clear picture of your roof’s health to help you plan future capital expenditures. We’ll let you know how long your roof will likely last and what you can do to improve performance.

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Do I Need a Commercial Roof Inspection?

We get asked by businesses in Matthews, NC, and the surrounding area whether they need to schedule regular commercial roof inspections. Of course, we always tell them it’s a good idea, especially if it’s been a year or more since the last maintenance check. But unfortunately, many commercial properties have older roofs, and deferred maintenance only increases the chances of leaks, holes, and other issues.

Roof Central makes managing your facility easy with attentive roofing support and reliable service. We’ll work closely with you to identify any areas of concern and recommend different options that will keep your roof in good condition for longer. As a local business, we understand the value of low maintenance costs, so you can depend on us for straightforward solutions at affordable prices.

We also work with commercial property investors to provide peace of mind before any transaction. Knowing when you can expect to pay for roof replacement or some other major renovation is very valuable. Protect your investment with a professional inspection from the leading local roofing company.

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